Embarking on making a plan is the start of a journey that should bring a community closer together; realise the resources and skills available of members of that community and; take control of the community’s future needs in terms of services, housing, health etc. 


A plan will help send a clear message to decision makers on the real needs of  our community.


Plans should identify key facilities and services, set out the problems that need to be tackled and demonstrate how distinctive character and features can be preserved.



Why have a plan?


• Most of The Greensand Villages have already developed and established their Parish Plans: e.g. Clophill, Shefford, Old Warden, Maulden, Northhiil , Ickwell , Ampthill and Sandy, etc. Haynes is now on the case !!

• It will help to provide a more accurate and timely community response to any third party initiatives - like The “Secret of The Sands” project.

• A Haynes Parish Plan will greatly assist Haynes Parish Council
to respond, on behalf of The Haynes Community, to Central Bedfordshire Council

“initiatives” e.g. Travellers Sites!!
The development of a Haynes Parish Plan is fully endorsed by Haynes Parish Council.

• A Parish Plan will contribute to the historic records of The Haynes Parish
and can be reviewed and updated, as required, against future community developments.

• The development of a Haynes Parish Plan, although important
should prove a social and enjoyable occasion for all involved in it’s production.
The Parish Plan will help document “Who and What we Are” - as a “Haynes Community”.

• A Haynes Parish Plan can be viewed as complementary to any future Neighbourhood Plan (NP)
or Green Infrastructure Plan (GIP) for the area. NP’s have legal status; since close agreement is required

with the CBC Planning Department. Many Greensand Villages are now proposing Neighbourhood Plans